Denver Newborn Photographer | Sweet Baby Ella

Sweet chubby cheeks and lots of hair!  That is the first thing I noticed when I saw Ella Rae for the first time.   Anyone that knows me, knows I have  a thing for big babies with lots of hair.  My son was 9lbs 14 ounces and had so much hair we could nearly put it in a pony tail. Yes, really a ponytail!  He had his first haircut at 3 months.  But back to Ella, she and her proud big sister were so much fun to photograph.  I’ve been looking forward to this newborn photo session for awhile now as this family was the winner of the BIG photography giveaway with Becky Higgins.  Lucky!

Here is Ella at just 7 days old and her 4 year old big sis… 


a newborns hair with highlights and the hair swirlPINIMAGE

picture of a sleeping newborn in an adorable hatPINIMAGE

picture of a big sister and her little sister in DenverPINIMAGE

Are you ready for the double chin shot?  Love, love, love.

close up image of a newborn in a knit hatPINIMAGE

image of newborn on a zebra print blanketPINIMAGE

picture of a newborn outdoors in a basketPINIMAGE

close up image of a beautiful newbornPINIMAGE

professional picture of a newborn girlPINIMAGE

beautiful color image of a newborn baby girlPINIMAGE

black and white picture of a newborn PINIMAGE

close up image of a newborns handsPINIMAGE

black and white close up image of a newborns feetPINIMAGE

To view more of my newborn photography please visit my Denver Child & Family Photography website.

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