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I love celebrating Valentine’s Day and am so excited we’ve started the countdown to the big day in our house.  My son loves the holiday as well.  I mean what kid wouldn’t like a day that is all about sweet treats and showering your loved ones with kisses and sweet words?  I know many say it’s one of those “made up holidays” but I don’t care!  I think it’s a great day to remind your friends and family that you love them and make sure they know just how much you appreciate them.   One Valentine’s Day tradition I am adding this year is a big secret so shhhhhhh…  but I just have to share it with you because it’s too cute to not.  Have you ever heart attacked your child’s room Valentine’s Day Eve so when they wake up the morning of Valentine’s Day their entire room has paper hearts all over their walls, floor, bed, pillows, etc ?  I heard about from a friend this year and am totally stealing the idea.  Thanks Jenny!

Speaking of ideas I love that the internet is so full of inspiring blogs and people and thought I would contribute to this by sharing with you what I have found and also created myself.  Hopefully you’ll get some great ideas for yourself!

This year we’ve decided to do a more personal Valentine’s gift for my sons classmates that includes his artwork.  Which he loves!  Basically, you use their artwork to create wraps for those cute little sweetheart boxes.  I snagged this idea from Becky Higgins so please go visit her site to check out all the details and instructions.  She explains it best!  Check out our creations below.

sweetheart heart boxes with a childs artwork for school treatsPINIMAGE

So, what are we doing for Valentine’s Day for teachers?  This is so simple and I was lucky enough to have left overs from our classmate Valentine treats from last year.   This craft literally took me about 30 minutes.   So tip of the day: always save your leftovers because you never know when they might come in handy and save you time down the road!

I started with empty, washed glass bottles (mine are old Prima flower bottles but any glass bottle will do) and filled them with cute little Valentine themed M&M’s.  I wrapped and glued a 3/4 inch strip of blue card stock around the middle and attached my “Happy Heart Day” label to the front.  Then I tied a couple pretty ribbons  and red pipe cleaner to the mouth of the bottle and attached a “from” tag and that’s it!  Note:  to make the pipe cleaner curly you just wrap the ends around a pencil.

 adorable glass bottle filled with valentine candies for teacher giftsPINIMAGE

For anyone interested in making their own Happy Heart Day labels I created a PDF of the labels to share with you!  You can download them here.   Interested in our classmate treats from last year?  Here are they are in case you’d like to something different with the Happy Heart Day labels.  Enjoy and happy crafting!

adorable valentine treat bags for classmatesPINIMAGE

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