Mine on Monday | Denver Lifestyle Photography

Baths have become a treat in our house and when my son did well on a test at school I surprised him with new bubble bath and bathtub markers.  He was so excited and couldn’t wait to get in the bath.  I think in our excitement we may have used a bit more bubble bath soap than was recommended but it made for some fun pictures!

As a side note, this is my favorite kind of photography and an area that I’m trying to improve on.  I love lifestyle shots of everyday things that are done in a beautiful way that tell a story.  We all have a story and what better way to tell that story than with photographs.  One of my dream sessions would be to hang out with a family and capture them playing around the house, baking cupcakes, coloring, sword fighting, playing with dolls, jumping on the bed, etc.  All the things that actually happen while I’m not around.  I would love to capture all of this for a family and tell their story.  I’m putting together a special package just for this now and will announce it soon!


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