“Talk about setting the bar high! This was our very first experience with a professional photographer, but for our family of four with 2 young children, I can’t imagine an experience that would surpass ours with Tami.  From her communication with us before the session to the way she finessed smiles out of my crabby one year old, Tami seems to work magic on both sides of the camera. We are so thrilled with our truly heirloom pictures that we can’t seem to find enough wallspace!  I cannot recommend her highly enough as a family photographer.” ~Maria


“Tami Wilson is the perfect picture of warmth, talent, and heart. Her photos are perfect moments, captured in a light only a perfectionist could achieve. She is respectful and warm to her clients, and enjoys being a part of your day as much as you do being there.  The moments that she captures are so wonderful, and brought tears of joy to our eyes from the moment we viewed her work.  She’s simply amazing and we are so thankful we chose her to capture our families moments!” ~Meg


“As soon as I stepped out of my car and onto the sidewalk that led to St. John’s Cathedral, I knew I’d made the right decision in choosing Tami Wilson to take my senior photos. She was relaxed, helpful, and had enough energy for the two of us. I was encouraged throughout the shoot to be myself and it was an easy task with Tami. I wasn’t rushed and she always made a point to ask me if I was comfortable. All of the sudden, my session had ended. I went home with a huge smile even though I’d been smiling and laughing for hours before. I couldn’t wait to see how the pictures had turned out but I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. Everything had been perfect and I would definitely recommend Tami to everyone interested. My pictures were breathtaking and it wasn’t because of the fancy dress or perfectly curled hair. They were stunning because my smile was unique; my laugh genuine. I’ve never been this impressed with photos before  and this experience has helped me realize what really makes a picture one of a kind and who can make that happen.”~Rhianna


“Tami is so fabulous to work with! We booked a newborn session with her after our baby boy was born and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience! She came to our home and allowed plenty of time for breaks and feedings for our lil guy. We didn’t feel rushed and she made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera (which isn’t easy to do when you are a 10 day post-partum, brand new momma!) She had all these little tricks to keep our baby boy sleeping and comfortable during the shoot. She had everything from a mini space-heater to a sound machine! All of which made for the most beautiful and precious photographs! We are so blessed that Tami was able to capture these once-in-a-lifetime photographs. Tami is worth every penny and we cant wait to use her again in the future!” ~ Nicole


“Tami was one of my daughters’first photographers! I had heard through another mutual friend that she was amazing with capturing those precious moments that we never want to miss! I realized right away that she was not going to be just a photographer, but also my friend. She has a very warm and comfortable feeling about her that just makes you feel at ease when she is capturing you and your family.

Soon after our first session, I decided that I would use Tami for my every annual baby/holiday card photo. Every year when we get together we laugh and our sessions are just so much fun…even my husband enjoys it- which is saying a LOT! Before Tami I would be terrified of our holiday family photo shoot because it can be seriously stressful! Tami to the rescue! Every shot shows us laughing, smiling, and being relaxed. I can hardly wait to see my proofs- and naturally I always want to buy every, single picture because they are just THAT good!

Most recently I called Tami for an enormous favor. I needed head shots of me for the Mrs. Colorado pageant, as I am representing my area as Mrs. Front Range. I couldn’t think of a better photographer to call than Tami. I trust her and I knew she would just capture the very best images. Turns out- she did- and we had a blast during that session- its a day that I will never forget.” ~ Melissa


“We have had Tami take family picture three times and everytime, it was like having our favorite friend shoot us! Tami made a connection with my shy girls early in the first session which made them comfortable and willing to do anything she asked of them. By the end of the session they decided she was their favorite friend too! The outcome was the most amazing pictures of our family.  Not only did Tami take amazing pictures of our family but she captured our spirits too! In every picture I see who we are, as individuals and as a family. Our last session was shot a few weeks before we moved from Colorado. Every time I see those pictures, it takes me back to the place we love, our happiest times, it takes me home.  Her pictures are magical…and so is she!!!”  ~Shelly


“The pictures we recieved from Tami Wilson Photography were absolutely amazing and beautifully done.  The lighting, the coloring, the surroundings and background were breath-taking.  I have really never been one to want to spend the money on professional photos but seeing the wonderful memories that are now captured in pictures are priceless.  I also was nervous about the posing and how comfortable we would be taking the pictures as my husband and I are not ones to want to jump in front of the camera, but Tami made us both feel comfortable and it actually was alot of fun for our whole family!” ~Juanita


“During the session Tami was very friendly and did not try to push awkward poses, her authenticity helped bring out all of my sons natural attributes.   When I first saw her images I was completely blown away! Tami captured Dane’s personality and all his wondrous energy!  I had to get all the shots!   When I look back at the photographs I find a new favorite each time.  I love sharing them with family and friends,  they all say Dane should be a model. “ ~Sara